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Simplifying Private
Aircraft Acquisition

Experience You Can't Live Without

If your travels are frequent enough—as few as 150 flight hours a year—aircraft ownership can make sound financial sense. With Paradigm as your aircraft acquisition consultant and management provider, you'll enjoy additional financial advantages:

First, you'll avoid the hefty markup that aircraft brokers add. Second, you can substantially subsidize your cost of ownership by allowing us to charter your aircraft to others, as most of our owner-clients do. Third, you'll enjoy important economies on fuel, insurance, training, and maintenance.

Paradigm will evaluate your needs, scour the marketplace for suitable purchase candidates, help you refine your options, and present you with a comprehensive financial analysis. We'll then negotiate to acquire your chosen aircraft on the best possible terms. These services are at no cost to you, as an ongoing client.

Once you have a purchase contract, we'll perform painstaking due diligence: audit all operation and maintenance logs, thoroughly inspect the aircraft, and verify total compliance with FAA and manufacturer standards.

Through our acquisition consulting process, Paradigm is able to save our clients a substantial amount in initial capital costs.

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We handle the eight integral parts of acquiring a private aircraft.

Experience You Can't Live Without